Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scott's Podcasting Setup #2

Well that was fun. The Boulder County Business Report is doing a profile on ClickCaster, so they sent a photographer over (great guy named Steve Peterson, email him if you're looking for a freelance photographer in the Denver area.. he's at

What struck me about this was the validation of Gladwell's concepts around "Blink" (your initial take is usually the best take).

This photo was the quick snapshot he took when he first started the photo session. We then did a bunch of other things (putting a bunch of mics around my head, etc. etc.) for about two hours.

In the end? Used that initial snapshot he took off the cuff.

"Blink" at work, real world. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Great shot.
Nice to see you in your element.

And lovely to see "Blink" in action. good book that.

An excellent read from an ex-evangelical.

  As you know, I once was an evangelical megachurch pastor and my pastoral career stretched over many years. Eventually, I could no longer t...