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The Unit- Good TV Show, Better Propoganda

Ever watch The Unit TV show?

Well done. Entertaining. Good scripts. Lot's of action. Depth of charactor development. Balanced view of military life. Traditional 'American' value content. Bombs, guns, good guys, bad guys for the men. Family, realtionships, community and 'stand by your man' for the women. A bit simplistic, but a very watchable and pretty entertaining TV show.

And a Bush Administration dream.

The premise: An elite army unit that reports only the President of the United States. It goes where it's told to go. Does whatever it's told to do. Ignores all laws (operating inside 'enemy' lines or US borders, using whatever means necessary to protect our country, legal or illegal). The wives (about 30% of the on air time/dialog) is all about supporting the guys. Sticking together. Making it work. Sucking it up and taking it cause, hey, they're holding the line for all of us.

You know, I don't even disagree with this. There…

Dan the Man

I just spent a couple of hours having lunch with Dan Burgin (you can click on the title of this entry and be taken to his blog profile).

It's always great when you meet someone new that's a sort of 'kindrid spirit'. In our day to day interactions, it's rare to find someone that you really understand and get a sense that they understand you. Much of it, of course, comes from shared experiences and cultural contextual cues (when I say: KBFR, he knows: Oh yea.. Boulder's pirate radio station.. bunch of people doing underground radio from a van, ran for years, best radio in town..etc. etc.).

I've never met Dan before. I discovered him by doing a search via BlogPulse ( on ClickCaster and found a post he'd written that was critical of podcasting based on an article he'd read about ClickCaster. I felt compelled to write a response comment on his blog. He followed up with an email to me thanking me for the comment and inviting me to lu…

Apple pulling out of France= The Downfall of Western Civilization

+ =

If you haven't heard, it sounds like France is calling Apple on it's onerous DRM (Digital Rights Management) scheme that requires any music that you buy from iTune's only play on Apple's iPod players.

French lawmakers have just given their approval to an interoperabilitymeasure, pushing the bill to the upper house, the Senate. The draft lawpassed 296 to 193, signaling a strong sentiment to simplify the paid digitalmusic landscape in France. A timetable on the Senate vote is unclear at thisjuncture, though the process could take weeks or more. In the meantime, thespotlight continues to remain on Apple, which may opt to exit the Frenchmarket rather than be forced to open its closed, FairPlay DRM system.

(excerpt from Digital Music News at

Now.. tell me DRM isn’t bad idea. Come on, think about it.

Personally, I think this is the start of the balkanization of Europe and has the potential to start WWIII.

(as you read this, remember the words: Sa…

Two local media articles on ClickCaster

Ahh the local media.

The Boulder Daily Camera did a story on our company, ClickCaster, at:,1713,BDC_2461_4551075,00.html
(signup required, or use bugmenot with Firefox).

And the Boulder Country Business Report did one as well at:

Now, I know this is local media (a daily newspaper for a town of 100K people and a business weekly for a county of about 300K people) but for little guys like us, it's like when Springsteen got himself on the cover of both Newsweek and Time in the same week. Pretty cool.

The odd thing is, this was completely random. A Meme thing. We've told both of them about us (some time ago actually) and, for some reason, they both decided to do a story within a couple of days of each other.

RIAA has a new law firm

A Denver based lawfirm has taken over the RIAA's effort to sue the record companies customers into bankruptcy.

Since the RIAA doesn't seem to be listening to the entire worlds view that this is really a bad idea, maybe their lawfirm will. Someone's got to try to talk some sense into these RIAA guys. Maybe if everyone sends a fax or leaves a voicemail for them, or even sends a letter (for some reason, law firms don't do email well) they'll get the message and talk with their clients at the RIAA about how this is hurting their business far more than it's protecting it. Contact info for the lawfirm is below:


Holme Roberts & Owen LLP
1700 Lincoln Street Suite 4100
Denver, CO. 80203
Phone: 303-861-7000
Fax: 303-866-0200

Don't get me wrong. I'm no fan of stealing media. I buy my musics, movies and TV. But the approach the RIAA, and by extension it's law firm, is taking is slowly killing the music business as…

Scott's Podcasting Setup #2

Well that was fun. The Boulder County Business Report is doing a profile on ClickCaster, so they sent a photographer over (great guy named Steve Peterson, email him if you're looking for a freelance photographer in the Denver area.. he's at

What struck me about this was the validation of Gladwell's concepts around "Blink" (your initial take is usually the best take).

This photo was the quick snapshot he took when he first started the photo session. We then did a bunch of other things (putting a bunch of mics around my head, etc. etc.) for about two hours.

In the end? Used that initial snapshot he took off the cuff.

"Blink" at work, real world. ;-)

Scott's Podcasting Setup

After much investigation, and after talking to our podcasters, here's the setup I've got for podcasting. Pretty simple really and it works beautifully for creating a 'live' type radio show with mulitple inputs and simple clean creation.

It consists of 5 components.

1) ClickCaster website (free)
2) Standard laptop computer ($500)
2) Alesis MultiMix USB8 mixer ($149)
4) Shure 55SH II Mic & Boom arm ($199)
5) Behringer Pro Headphones ($24)

I have to admit, I got this mic because it just plain looks cool. It's a 'retro' design with a modern set of internal electronics.

The mixer is a USB mixer that acts like an external sound card. Why anyone would by a $150 Creative soundcard when they can get something like this for the same cost is beyond me. 8 inputs (including 4 high quality microphone XLR connectors with phantom power for condensor mics, which require power) and a USB connection that feeds straight into the laptop. The beauty of this mixer is it's …

ClickCaster Studios Opens!

Well, we did it.

ClickCaster's opened a podcasting studio in Denver.

It's a little on the low rent side. We thought.. hey.. take a low rent location (a cute, but slightly run down, little house with cheap rent) and turn it into a place where people can come to do regular podcasts. Hold their hands, give them pro level gear to work with and sound engineering help so it sounds professional and let it rip. I suspect it'll become a sort of gathering place as well. We'll see as it develops.

Of course, we can do other things besides podcasting, like record bands, radio spots, etc., and we've got a full time artist on staff who can do artwork, website design and other related creative, but it's focus is Podcasting. As far as we know it's the only dedicated podcasting studio linked to an easy to use online system that let's you get your podcasts online the instant you're done with them on the planet. I could be wrong on this, but I haven't heard of a…