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Bloggers, it seems ARE journalists afterall

Apple, last year, sued a Silicon Valley blogger for releasing information about an unreleased product citing it was not news. They tried to force the bloggers ISP to give up the email addresses (in an attempt to find someone within Apple who was 'leaking' information). Click on the title of this entry to read the full story on Wired News (excerpt below):

The Sixth District Court of Appeals on Friday roundly rejected (.pdf) Apple's argument that the bloggers weren't acting as journalists when they posted internal document about future Apple products. "We decline the implicit invitation to embroil ourselves in questions of what constitutes 'legitimate journalis(m).' The shield law is intended to protect the gathering and dissemination of news, and that is what petitioners did here," the court wrote.Now, this is a minor thing from a business or technology perspective. In the greater scheme, who really cares if Apple's releasing some new hardware o…

The Cool Kid factor- Why Google's Stock Price Stays High

Don Dodge, a blogging Microsoftie... (

Wrote an interesting blog on how Google doesn't actually tell you how it works. (click on this entries title to read it).

He notes that even though no one knows how it works, the stock price continues to be bid up.

How dare these upstarts at Google ignore the financial worlds demands for more information on how things work! Damn them I say... Damn them..

But buy some more of their stock.

It's the cool kid thing. None of us know it in school (even though it's obvious as we grow older and wiser) but the cool kids are the ones who just don't give a frak about being cool. Zen at work. The less you care about being cool, the cooler you are. Sociology 101 stuff, but it applies here as well.

The reason the analysts are so enamored with Google, keep buying their stock and bidding up the price is that Google just flat out doesn't care what the analysts think, they're going to do what…

The Macintosh: To Develop or Not To Develop.. that is the question.

A blogger named Jon Watson ( recently heard an interview I did with the 411podcast some time ago. He said:

Clickaster: Stats and Why Apple Sucks.By Jon at Fri, 2006-05-05 09:22 During my first real day as a pro-blogger today, I was listening to podcasts in the background as I created my posts for Biz Podcasting.While listenening to Scott Converse - CEO of Clickcaster - from the Podcast 411, a couple of interesting stats came out. Apparently the vast majority of podcasters are males between 30-40 years old (guilty!), and that blogging has reached about 43% women.He ALSO said that his development priority is Windows, Linux and then Mac because...well...he hates Apple's way of closing things off.Robb and Scott actually go a little head to head on Apple and tensions get a little high at one point. Cool show.
And, so, I felt compelled to add my 2 cents worth:

Just as an interestingBy Scott Converse (not verified) on Thu, 2006-05-11 16:09 Just as an interesting as…

HollyWeb (or is it HollyWeird?)

I spent a week in Los Angeles in mid April and, even having spent time there in past lives (I was head of technology for Paramount Digital Entertainment for a couple of years.. a division of Paramount Television), it still strikes me as just, well, weird.

Clearly the entertainment capital of the world see's the web as a new distribution mechanism for it's content. It's also just as clear that they really don't know quite what to do with it.

It's an old story, really. How do we maintain control of our current money machine and gain control of the thing that (could) replace us? Or, at the very least, siphon off a significant portion of our revenue and a large portion of our most favored demographic?I had my memories of Hollywood refreshed for me by a fellow I met (we’ll call him ‘Lenny’) who was represented as a high powered Hollywood agent type.There are million guys like this in Hollywood.They claim to be people that ‘know people’ and can get you the ‘deal’ you …