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Web Video and the Cambrian Period

Hmmm..... read that second sentence
USA Today
Web Video Madness!USA Today columnist Kevin Maney says the Web video craze has gone off the deep end. How long will consumers be content to watch videos of people slathering butter on their heads to combat graying hair? Or teenyboppers bouncing around lip syncing to pop music? "Web video sites are proliferating like bunnies that broke into a vat of Viagra," he says. Noted tech blogger Om Malik simply calls it "the madness." There are now more than 240 online video sites. Venture Capital firms invested upward of $156 million in online video in the first half of 2006. Most of these sites will fail, Maney says, just like all the Web-retailing sites of the mid-to-late Nineties. Remember eToys and pet'scom? Well, now we have Eefoof, Bix, Guba, Stickam, and Frozen Hippo, each wanting to become the next YouTube. "This is classic American capitalistic thinking," Maney says, "believing that if there's one…

Boulder: Revisited

OK, gotta be fair here.
That last post was down on Boulder. I guess it comes from all the bad weirdness (vs. the good weirdness Boulder is famous for) that I've seen over the years. Things like the crossroads mall sitting nearly empty for a decade while tax revenue drained out of town to Superior and Broomfield because the city council couldn’t make up it’s mind. The requirement that any new house (or addition) to a house in boulder has to have a study done to make sure the shadow of the house doesn't impinge on the neighbors property (like, their tomato garden, I kid you not). The amazingly homogeneous population (I once brought a girlfriend to Boulder who was Japanese, she said she'd never seen anything as lilywhite in her life).

But, like any place that you've spent alot of time in, and gone deep with, you tend to, over time, see the faults and forget the good. And Boulder has LOTS of good.

The natural beauty is breathtaking. Literally breathtaking. When I'm…

Boulder No Longer A Best Place To Live (?)

Ahhh.. so the rest of the country is finally figuring it out!

Fitter, hipper BoulderCity's successes can become excessesJuly 19, 2006Judging by Money magazine's list of America's best places to live, Fort Collins is No. 1. Longmont is No. 61. And Boulder is, ahem, not on the list.This is from today's Daily Camera. Full editorial, click on the title of this entry (registration required) or this link:


The author, who is interestingly left unnamed, nailed it. Being a middle aged non athlete (which I am) in Boulder, at times, sets me 'apart' from the crowd. Walking around the Pearl Street Mall, the beautiful people surround you. The perfect bodies, the oh so white teeth, the clear tobacco and caffeine free whites of their eyes makes me cringe at times.

I wonder if he's not being more than a little tongue in cheek though and I can't help but think at times that Boulder rea…

Our answer to Magazines in the bathroom? The Craptop!

That's right.

Take an old pretty much useless for anything but simple web browsing laptop you've got laying around. Put a basic wireless card into it. Put it on a stand and leave it in the public use bathroom.

Viola! The Craptop! No more heaps of magazines in the can! We love it.

Brought to you by the development team at ClickCaster !

(p.s. we're absolutely sure we're not the only one's who've done it, but what the heck).

The Brit's Trump the RIAA for 'at least they have balls' actions

Man, it just keeps getting weirder out there in Music land.

The Brit's RIAA equivalents are now trying to shut down file sharing, in the strangest of ways.

ISP Battle Flares in Britain, Independent Artists Join In

ISPs are now at the center of a fresh controversy in Britain, sparked
initially by major label trade group BPI. The group recently sent letters to
access providers Tiscali and Cable & Wireless, demanding that the accounts
of specified file-traders be revoked. "It is now up to them to put their
house in order and pull the plug on these people," declared BPI chairman
Peter Jamieson. That prompted a sharp response from Tiscali, which scoffed
at the demands. "It is not for Tiscali, as an ISP, nor the BPI, as a trade
association, to effectively act as a regulator or law enforcement agency and
deny individuals the right to defend themselves against the allegations made
against them," the group noted.

Others within the industry are also rumbling against access provi…

Apple Arrogance.. knocked down a notch

Well YEha!

Apple does the right thing! After doing the oh so wrong thing (and losing in it's attempt).

At least they know when they've lost and to quit being idiots.

Apple Drops Case Against Bloggers, Online Publications

Apple will not pursue its case against bloggers and insider websites,
according to court filings that surfaced this week. Earlier, a California
appeals court extended First Amendment protections to bloggers and online
publications, including PowerPage, Apple Insider, and ThinkSecret. The
original ruling also extended the Shield Law of California, which protects
the right of journalists to conceal their sources. The latest development is
a victory for online journalists, as well as the Electronic Frontier
Foundation (EFF), which defended the case against Apple. Over the next
several months, the ruling could also have a strong impact Apple and its
upcoming iPods releases, which are already the focus of heavy speculation.

Story by news analyst Alexandra Osorio.When this first…

Raising money for an internet startup #2

Talking to the angels.
Should VC firms take the occasional angel plunge?Is the internet ‘seed’ VC as we know it, dying off and will angels rule?

The phone calls and in person meetings start.

Brad and I set up a list of potential investors. About 50 total, from our respective contact lists. He sent out an intro email to his, and I sent one out to mine.

We keep a Google Spreadsheet (so either of us can access it anytime from anywhere) that lists everyone, tracks contact dates, latest contacts, actions, interest, total raised, amount still needed and misc. notes.

Over the last two weeks, I've talked to a about a dozen people. A couple of not now’s, but most are interested and will 'get back' with us. Cool. To be expected.

All of them were really interesting, really smart and nice folks. People I'd want to go out to dinner with! Quite different than the VC world we'd dabbled in earlier. (One exception.. this person acted like a silicon valley VC.. barely looked at me, just s…

What are the chances you'll get killed by terrorists?

Time for some perspective.

The terrorist attacks of 2001 were horrible. They need to be guarded against. BUT.. this is getting stupid. We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars (if you count 'the war on terror') on this 'threat'.

I've gotta ask.. in relation to other things that can kill us... what threat? I mean.. really. For some perspective, look at these odds:

Chances of dying in:

A Natural disaster (earthquake, tornado, etc.) 1 in 3,357

An Airplane crash: 1 in 6.4 million

A Terrorist attack 1 in 9.3 million (AFTER 9/11)

So, what's going on here? Why all this constant 'war on terror' talk? What actual war? What Terror- in comparison? All the wars I see we started.

I see a president who ignores common and constitutional law in the 'name' of the war on terror.
I see a country divided. I see individual rights being trampled on. I see freedoms being taken away. I see fear; a lot of fear.

I'm an independent. I vote based on the issues, not a part…

Warning: You shouldn't talk, at all, in a car.

Now this is interesting:

Study: Hands-free phone not safer on road
Detroit Free Press -Jun 30, 2006
Drivers talking on cell phones are just as inattentive or likely to get into accidents as drunk drivers, even if they're using hands-free devices, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Human Factors.

I'm certainly not condoning it. I've cursed my fair share of people turning in front of me because they're on the phone, but, if this is true... doesn't it also mean if your just TALKING to someone.. anyone, like someone in the passenger seat or back seat, it's just as bad?