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The New Media Legal World: Not worth livin in?


CNET’s Declan McCullough has the scoop on a new bill backed by the Bush Administration and about to be introduced by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) that will greatly expand the digital copyright restrictions in the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). Moreover, the draft legislation, the Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006, will also expand federal police wiretapping and enforcement powers. McCullough says the bill goes to great lengths to expand the punishable acts of copyright infringement. For example, attempted copyright infringement would become a federal crime punishable by up to ten years in prison.Even worse, the bill would expand section 1201 of the DMCA that bars trafficking in or distributing software capable of bypassing DRM systems to make it a crime to “make, import, export, obtain control of, or possess” such software. The legislation would also permit wiretaps in cases involving copyright infringement, bo…

A high school teacher's experiment in fascism

Click on the title above (or cut and paste this into your browser):

Read it all. Don't wimp out. Ask yourself: can this happen again? Ask yourself: do our political leaders use tactics like this today? Even a little? Just a enough to bend things and create, at least in shadow form, some of what the world experienced in the late 1930's and 1940's? You know.. 'just a little'?

China and the startup world

This is an interesting one.

My company is in the process of working through the creation of a company in China as a partnership with a Chinese company and a European company. China brings, well, China, among other things (like high level government contacts, licenses to do business in China, localized knowledge, distribution, etc); the EuroCo brings cellular technology for OTA (Over The Air) type digital content delivery and we (ClickCaster) bring the content/delivery platform.

Intriguingly, what seems to make this venture so interesting to everyone involved is the fact that an American internet startup is involved. It seems to have a sort of cache that is getting people's attention (from government and industry to investors in Asia).

We're working with a very high energy women who is an executive of the Chinese company and would be at home in a fast paced American company (she speaks perfect American English with just a faint twinge of English accent periodically creeping in) an…

The personal economics of blogging

I haven't really thought a lot about this until just recently, but what are the personal economics involved with blogging?

By personal economics, I mean the cost, and the payoff, to the blogger of fulfilling the need to write what amounts to a personal journal that the entire world can see real-time.

I know many of us think we have a lot to say. That we're somehow unique in our point of view. That we have some specialized set of knowledge worth sharing. And some of us use it as a way of expressing our creativity, or our angst and anger at the world.

I know bloggers that share knowledge of their industry that's invaluable to their readers. There's a fellow here in Boulder (Brad Feld at who's a Venture Capitalist and who writes about the VC world, and his life in general, regularly. The knowledge he imparts, at least to a specific audience, is literally invaluable. He also shares some of his passions. He is a marathon runner and is running in the B…

The Non Blogging Lifestyle

I'm beginning to wonder if blogging is really such a good idea.

I know that transparency is considered good in all things web. But, is it such a good thing regarding your own personal view of the world? We are tracked, categorized and pchyographed every moment we're on the web. Ever clean your cookies out? Notice how, no matter how often you do this, there's always more? More tracking. More 'where's he been, what's he doing' all the time.

And do our friends and family really need to know how pissed/sad/lonely/regretful/happy/satisfied/enter adjective we are at any given moment?

Sometimes I think it might be better if we just live our lives and not spend so much time analyzing, comparing and obsessing over things that, in the long run, just don't matter.Think I’ll go do some living now.;-)

Good podcasting industry overview

Every so often, a really good overview article comes out on what we're doing over at ClickCaster (i.e. podcasting).

This one:

(or click on the title of this blog) is one of the best we've seen in awhile. Yes, ClickCaster is mentioned (a few times) but he's got a great overview of the industry in general, and all of the significant players.

It's from Always On. As they say:
"AlwaysOn's goal is to keep its global members in front of the most powerful players in technology, media and entertainment in an innovative blogging and social networking environment."
Worth a read if you're interesting in the wild wooley world of podcasting.