Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ClickCaster Studios Opens!

Well, we did it.

ClickCaster's opened a podcasting studio in Denver.

It's a little on the low rent side. We thought.. hey.. take a low rent location (a cute, but slightly run down, little house with cheap rent) and turn it into a place where people can come to do regular podcasts. Hold their hands, give them pro level gear to work with and sound engineering help so it sounds professional and let it rip. I suspect it'll become a sort of gathering place as well. We'll see as it develops.

Of course, we can do other things besides podcasting, like record bands, radio spots, etc., and we've got a full time artist on staff who can do artwork, website design and other related creative, but it's focus is Podcasting. As far as we know it's the only dedicated podcasting studio linked to an easy to use online system that let's you get your podcasts online the instant you're done with them on the planet. I could be wrong on this, but I haven't heard of anything else like it just yet.

Here's our press release (going out worldwide today):

ClickCaster Studios, Podcasting with Altitude!Creates industry’s first Integrated PODCAST Net-Studio for the general public!

Denver, Colorado, February 26, 2006 – ClickCaster opens podcasting centric recording studio in downtown Denver.

Studio Location:415 Lincoln Street

Denver, Colorado 80203

Phone: 720-227-0129


Altitude: 5280 feet above sea level

ClickCaster announces the grand opening of ClickCaster Studios, a full featured podcasting and recording studio. The studio offers a full line of podcast and general audio services as well as custom site design and artwork.

“ClickCaster wants to make podcasting easy for everyone, regardless of what equipment they happen to own. While our web based recorder will allow you to create a basic show, some podcast creators and many businesses interested in podcasting want to sound more polished and produced. That’s where ClickCaster Studios comes in”, notes Scott Converse, ClickCaster CEO. “Armed with years of recording and broadcast experience as well as the necessary pro audio technology, ClickCaster Studios can make you a star, or at least sound like one.”

Standard prices apply for sessions that can be booked for ½ hour or one hour shows and recording packages are priced as low as $25 per session. We also have a full multi-track recording studio for bands interested in low cost recording and promotion of their music using podcasting. In addition to podcast production and recording, ClickCaster Studios has integrated ClickCasters’ web-based publishing and distribution technology, allowing customers to publish their podcasts seamlessly onto the web.

“It’s a true professional level one stop shop for the creation, production, publishing and hosting of your podcast on the internet” say’s Bob Boyles, general manager of ClickCaster Studios.

The Denver studio is the first of many ClickCaster and ClickCaster affiliated studio’s that will be opening in major cities across the US, Asia and Europe.The studio is located at the corner of 4th and Lincoln in downtown Denver (425 Lincoln St) and is open M-F 10am-6pm and Sat. noon to 5pm. Other times available by appointment. For more information please contact Bob Boyles at 720-227-0129 or e-mail

About ClickCaster

Clickcaster is the premier provider of net-centric podcasting solutions on the web today. We make it easy for anyone to create audio podcasts and publish via the web both audio and video based podcasts as well as listen, watch and subscribe to 10's of thousands of podcasts from around the world. For more information about ClickCaster and podcasting, please visit our website at or contact Pete Davis.

PR Contact

Peter Davis


Phone: 407-733-9266


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Anonymous said...

And congratulations!
Now I REALLY wish I lived closer to the mountains. (That thousand mile commute is a bit much for a regular podcast)

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