Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Boulder No Longer A Best Place To Live (?)

Ahhh.. so the rest of the country is finally figuring it out!

Fitter, hipper Boulder

City's successes can become excesses

July 19, 2006

Judging by Money magazine's list of America's best places to live, Fort Collins is No. 1. Longmont is No. 61. And Boulder is, ahem, not on the list.
This is from today's Daily Camera. Full editorial, click on the title of this entry (registration required) or this link:


The author, who is interestingly left unnamed, nailed it. Being a middle aged non athlete (which I am) in Boulder, at times, sets me 'apart' from the crowd. Walking around the Pearl Street Mall, the beautiful people surround you. The perfect bodies, the oh so white teeth, the clear tobacco and caffeine free whites of their eyes makes me cringe at times.

I wonder if he's not being more than a little tongue in cheek though and I can't help but think at times that Boulder really has just gotten a bit full of itself and how cool it is. Kind of like a mainstream Vail or Aspen with a a few token trailer parks and mandated affordable housing (with a maximum income requirement of 'only' $70,000 a year to qualify).

Sometimes, I go to longmont, my hometown, where I grew up and where my parents still live, just to feel normal. Grab a dairy queen cone, have a greasy burger at one of the real diners, drag main (just once, for old times sake). You know... those 'comfort food' like moments.

Maybe I'll move to Longmont. Sometimes it feels more like home than Boulder.

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Scott Converse said...

I'll check it out. But isn't the BMI index of it's average reader in the low to mid teens? ;-)

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