Boulder is the smartest city (again)

According to Forbes Magazine, Boulder is (2nd time in a row) 'The Smartest City in America'.

From the Denver Post:
The rankings were based on the percentage of adults 25 and older with at least a bachelor's degree. In Boulder, 53 percent of adults do. Ninety-three percent graduated from high school and 4 percent have a PhD.
Hopefully we won't get arrogant about it. I hate smart-ass cities.


Jerry said…
If we're so smart, how come we only come up with one candidate, a Denver oil man, for president of our university?
Anonymous said…
We're smartest among other US cities, not in the world. That's like being the best downhill ski racer in Maui. Besides, what's the big deal about a degree? Anyone with enough money can "earn" one.
Scott Converse said…
Anon: Can't say I disagree. Degree's don't always equal intelligence.

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