Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apple eWorld Art- vintage 1992-1994

As promised in a previous post, here's some artwork from eWorld, an online service we developed during my Apple Era. For context: I was head of R&D for Apple Online Service during this period and these are from a group I ran called CAT (Collaberative Applications and Tools, also know as cool activities and toys).

Most of this wasn't used and is concept only. Special 'wow' to Cleo Huggins, who, along with her small interface team, was the primary design thinking behind this artwork and the concept (at Apple) of creating a tiny virtual 2D version of the world online.

A version created for France Telecom (minitel):

Early Concept Mockups:


Middle Ditch said...

Wow! Surreal! Love those pictures. Pity we never saw them on our screens (until now, that is).

Al Tucker said...

Thanks for posting this - it brought back memories of me first learning how to use a computer. This was good artwork - I really liked the interface of that village!

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