What does an 83 IQ score mean to you?

The average IQ for an American Citizen is slightly over 100.

Apparently, this is Sarah Palin's IQ as a high school student.

The original is here. It's a background report on Sarah Palin.

Her SAT scores are bottom of page 3. IQ scores top of page 4.

Just sayin....


Anonymous said…
That's pretty scary.
Okay... it's all pretty scary.
simpdawg said…
very interesting, curious about the validity and source of this report as i'd love to send it to all my right-wing friends so they can tell me how they think it's bs and doesn't matter anyways ;)
Scott Converse said…
Josh.. doesn't matter. You're conservative friends simply won't listen. See:

Anonymous said…
Quite an impressive score. An actual bulldog with lipstick wouldn't score nearly this high. ;-)
Anonymous said…
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