Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Main Stream Media (MSM) is Trying Really Hard To Commit Suicide

I can't really think of any other explaination for what happened at CBS.

Apparently, McCain pulled a blooper during a CBS news interview by mixing up his timelines around 'The Surge' in Iraq which is actually a big story in itself (since he seems to be basing all his credibility on it) but the real story, for me, was how CBS, effectively, covered up the mistake.

Thank god for MSNBC madman (corporate newsroom speak for 'TruthSayer') Keith Oberman. He took the original footage, and the modified footage and played them side by side. Here's the Clip:

Of course, this is getting a much larger audience on the internet then when it was aired on MSNBC. If you want the facts, on demand, the internet is the place to go.

This isn't about McCain, I'm not picking on him.

What I'm astounded at is the CBS Evening News changing the content of an interview with a presidential candidate to make him look less foolish when he made a major mistake on camera.

So I have to ask: What's to keep them from doing the same thing in reverse: make McCain, or Obama, look bad.

I mean... why not? Where's the rule book that says 'you can change the content of an interview to make a presidential candidate seem better, but not worse'?

Isn't one.

So you can bet they'll be making presidential candidates look bad using fairly blatant manipulation like the clip of CBS's clumsy editing above.

And this means that the main stream media (not just CBS, but all of the majors.... NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX... etc.) get the 'are you bullshitting me again' filter applied. Hell, if CBS is doing it, how can the others NOT be doing it? Even if they aren't, it's what people will think.

I know this because, now, it's what I think. I can't trust what I'm seeing with my own eyes from the big news guys anymore.

When the MSM blows what little credibility it has, that's it.

The internet wins.

I'll bet Walter Cronkite is really really pissed right now.

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Anonymous said...

TV wants a big long race between the two presidential candidates. Ratings, period. In the words of Leslie Moonves (CBS)Odd that she has backed all democrats financially yet has this to say :

According to a recent story in the Hollywood Reporter, Moonves is "cheered by the fact that the Democratic race is continuing and that John McCain is raising lots of money to combat the eventual Democratic nominee. 'That's music to our ears,' Moonves said. 'We want this to be as long and as dirty as humanly possible.'"

That and the fact that any big media Co can dictate which candidate comes out on top.

Another example: the washing post skipping out on the story about Mccain evading taxes etc..Instead they focused on some trivial mortgage story about Obama. It's not just CBS that has McCain looking better on tv/paper than Obama. Who do you think has their hands in Mccain's pockets? $$$

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