Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Business of Innovation

Innovation is a interesting business. CNBC has a great series on innovation (and what it takes to BE innovative) on it's website. It's title? The Business of Innovation (of course). They have some very major business names on the show. Here's the line up for just the first show (title: Innovators & Iconoclasts):

Cathleen Black
Hearst Publications

Howard Putnam
Former CEO
Southwest Airlines and Branif Airlines

Vinod Khosla
Sun Microsystems

Arkadi Kuhlmann
ING USA Direct

It's hosted by Maria Bartiromo with help from Roger Schank (see below).

Maria Bartiromo - Series Presenter

The Business of Innovation is a series of 5 one-hour programmes produced by CNBC, the worldwide leader in business news, which explores in-depth the most important topic in the business world today - Innovation. Each program will explore a different aspect of Innovation using CNBC's global newsgathering capabilities, well-known current and former CEO's and innovation experts to dissect the topic and provide guidance for viewers seeking to innovate in their own organizations. The series is hosted by award-winning journalist Maria Bartiromo, who calls the programmes "...ground breaking in scope".

Supporting Maria throughout the series is innovation expert Roger Schank. Schank is John Evans Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, Psychology and Education at Northwestern University. He is the CEO of Socratic Arts a company that designs software that enhances working place learning and thinking. He is also the CEO of Engines for Education ( a non profit that is building a new kind of learn by doing online high school with a modern curriculum.

Each show is an hour:

Innovators & Iconoclasts
Revolution & Evolution
New Tricks & Old Dogs
People & Technology
Loners & Teammates

All are good, but if you watch only one and you're a startup guy, watch the first one (Innovators & Iconoclasts)

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