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Heh.. MPAA caught Pirating!

I love this (click on the post title for a link to The Register story on this). The MPAA, after promising not to.. PIRATED (made illegal copies) of a Documentary Movie on how the MPAA does rating of movies in America. Heh.. I love it. The MPAA Response? "We're above the law" (my interpretation).

What happened to Google's 'don't be evil'

With the announcement of Google opening a search engine in China, and agreeing the the Chinese government's limits, you have to wonder: Is Google becoming evil?

Could be.

Or, just maybe, it's a trojan horse.

Here's my Doing Business With China story and how I think it might relate to what Google's doing right now with it's internet business in the Middle Kingdom.

I used to work for Motorola back in the mid to late 90's where I ran new business creation for a recently created multimedia group. This group lived inside of a business unit that was responsible for creating services business within 'greenfield' (not yet penetrated by the company) markets. Places like Asia and S. America. Mostly for Motorola products like cellphones and pagers.

So, after I'd been there for two weeks, they asked me: What can we do with some of our new products and with our friends at Kodak?

So I made up a product and business that combined Kodak digital camera's (just co…


OK.. it's happened. I am offiically overloaded on data from the blogosphere. I've always been a data sponge, soaking up any and all information that came my way but the tools are now SO efficient that I'm overwhelmed.

And not just by 'too much data', but by too much actual knowledge!

I've always catagorized 'media' into Data... Information... Knowledge and, finally, Wisdom. And they go up in value as you move to the right.

The first three you can get externally, the last is what you create for yourself by putting together the other three in your mind into something useful (at least to you).

I started using Bloglines about 6 weeks ago. I found many blogs that were loaded with great information and many with real knowledge. I subscribe to around 60 or so blogs on topics of interest. Well, I'm finding that many of these guys are just frigging brilliant. I can't not read them. Insights, views, perspectives... it's incredible.

And it's bec…

Fed's force Google to reveal private info

So.. Google actually IS trying to not be evil. They're fighting the government's demand.
It has just come to light that the federal government is trying to force Google to reveal all searches conducted in a one-week period, as well as records for 1 million Web addresses.

The effort is part of a government campaign to revive an anti-pornography law, the 1998 Child Online Protection Act, which the Supreme Court struck down two years ago. The law attempted to ensure that only adults visited porn sites by requiring that visitors register, or use access codes, before gaining entry to such sites. Now, the Bush administration is back in court, trying to prove that these requirements are the only realistic way of preventing minors from accessing online porn.

What remains unclear is why the government would need records from Google--which is, after all, a private company and not an investigative arm of the Department of Justice.
Too bad Yahoo can't claim the same thing.
Yahoo Inc., bas…

Why am I so mad at a technology company?

I've been thinking about this the last few days. I am unreasonably pissed off at Apple right now because I bought a G5 based Mac a few weeks before I could have bought an Intel based Mac that runs twice as fast at the same price.

I bought it on the companies word that it would be 'summer' of 06 before these would be available.

My reaction, though, was more than just being PO'd at losing performance for the buck spent. It was an emotinoal response.

As much as I hate to admit it, I still am an admirer of Apple Computer. Having spent the better part of a decade of my life working there, it's in the blood. Like it or not.

A big part of it is watching them go down the same roads that almost killed them off in the past (proprietary hardware 'copy protection' for their operating system). They're still doing it, and even more so with the iPods.

I now own a Mac and an iPod (although I fought it for a long time, I swore off Mac's back in 95 shortly after lea…

That'll teach me NOT to buy Apple

So, I bought a brand new G5 iMac a couple of weeks ago because Apple said their new Intel based Mac was 'at least' 6 months away.

Today, they screwed me. They announced their Intel Macs 'at the same price, but twice the speed'.

Thanks Steve Jobs. You lying bastard. From me and the several hundreds of thousands of 'new G5 owners', thanks a frigging lot.

NO more new Apple's for me. If I need an Apple product in the future, I'm going to buy something cheap and used from this day forward.

Create an e-annoyance, go to jail

And it keeps coming.

Bush signed into law big fines and up to 2 years in jail for annoying people (via anonymous posts or emailing under a name not your own) on the internet.

Story on Cnet (link above).

Oh yea.. what I really look like

Cartoons (like the one on my profile here for this blog) are great, but here's ACTUAL photo's of me. Yes, they do exist.

OK.. that's it on me. No more to see here folks.. keep moving.. keep moving...

What I drive

Ever wonder what other people drive? I know I do. I often make indepth social, economic, political and philosphical judgements about people based on what they drive (heh.. yea). So, here's my cars. An 05 Mini Cooper S (electric blue) and an 06 Scion xB (thundercloud silver).

My little world

Ever wonder what someone's work place looks like? I do... so here's mine. In the upstairs loft of my house. A mac, A PC, a Mixer and Mic (for podcast creation) and a bunch of other stuff floating around. Nothing special, but it's home.

Your phone records are for sale, no... really.. they are

Wonder if your wife (or husband) is cheating?

Wonder if your competitors are calling your best customer?

Wonder if a local cop is calling your drug distribution network personnel?

Just check their cellphones! For about $100 for a month of calls, without any legal anything, you can get anyone's cellphone records. Go to:

And send them a cell (or landline) phone number and a credit card number and, usually in a few hours, you've got the goods on anyone you want!

Wowie Zowie! I can think all KINDS of fun uses for this kind of service.. can't you? Here's a great story on what's happening here:

Ahh privacy, it was nice knowin ya....

Homeland Security opening private mail

Man.. what a bunch of crap. Read this:

Now our government is reading our mail. In this case, a retired 81 year old history prof. This is really getting bad.

VC & Media Companies: Same Business?

I've noticed over the last several months a lot of similarities between venture capitalists and the media worlds of recording companies and the TV/Movie industry. I'm in the process of raising money for the startup I founded (a podcasting company called ClickCaster at so I've talked to many VC's of late and, having spent a substantial amount of time in past lives around the media business both directly (as VP of technology at Viacom Interact and SVP of Technology at Paramount Digital Entertainment) and indirectly (as director of the Apple Electronic Media lab at Apple Computer) they act, from a business perspective, in very similar ways.

It's a hit's driven business. And it's a 'front the talent money, take the bulk of the profits at exit' approach from both the VC side and the Media business side.

Think about it. A VC fronts the startup company X dollars (say it's $1m). They then take a significant percentage of the company a…